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A feature film about the life of

Miguel Pro

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Blessed Miguel

Father José Ramón Miguel Augustín Pro Juárez lived in Mexico in the 1920s during the anticlerical regime which forced many to flee the country, and many others into a dangerous, underground ministry. Cocol is a biopic about the most famous figure of this period in Mexican history, Blessed Miguel Pro, the Jesuit priest who took to this underground ministry with a smile and a fake mustache on his face. Throughout this epic story, he survives the deep wounds of his early adulthood and the tragedy which is daily before him with good humor, practical jokes, disguises, and prayer. He recklessly serves the poor by begging from the rich. He sneaks right under the noses of the oppressive regime, escapes from prison, and kisses the cheeks of soldiers who seek to kill him. Eventually he is captured, but continues his ministry even to his death, and by doing so inspires many others to do the same. This is an epic biopic that tells the true story of a modern hero of the faith. He takes up the mantle of martyrdom, and dares to proclaim the famous line that has become the motto of Kingdom Productions:

¡Viva Christo Rey!


the director

Jeremy Pope is a husband, a father to seven boys, and an award-winning writer, director, and producer, based in the greater Phoenix area of Arizona. Jeremy made his first film following the death of his son, Stephen, a 43-minute documentary about Stephen's life. In the making of this film, Jeremy discovered his passion for filmmaking, and founded an independent, non-profit production company called Kingdom Productions. Stephen's movie, Born to Reveal the Works of God, has since gone on to receive nominations and win awards at some of the largest festivals in the world. His other notable works have found success at competitions and film festivals across the country. Jeremy's work has been featured on major networks including EWTN and FORMED, and he has worked with top industry professionals including the creators of The Chosen TV series, and the writers of Fatima (2020). Cocol is Jeremy's debut narrative feature film.



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